Author: Khalid

Role of laws in Market Economy:

In this program you will know about these threads with Wali Mohammad Naaseh professor of Law and Political Science at Kabul University. What is the legal system of the market economy in country? Does enforced rules of business have any defect? If yes how it is possible that adjustments in these laws arise? What is […]

Legal Basis of ACCI

In this program you will receive information about Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce and ¬†industries with Mohammad Qurban¬† Haqjo chief operating of ACCI: According to which law the Chamber of Commerce serves? Does the Chamber of Commerce of Afghanistan is a civil institution? What are the main activities of the Chamber of Commerce of Afghanistan? And […]

Market Economy in Islamic Values

In this program you will know these threads with Professor Mohammad Abul Ahrar Ramizpoor former professor at the Faculty of Law and Sharia: Do capitalism have conflicts with Islamic teachings? Does Islam have a specific economic system? Or confirm the contemporary world economic system? What is the role of the ruling system in support of […]