Wednesday, 09 September 2015 18:56

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 September 2015 09:19


Former Jihadi leader Abdul Rasul Sayyaf on Wednesday addressed guests at the official ceremony in Kabul to mark Martyrs Week and the 14th Anniversary of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s death and called for Jihad against the Taliban.

He said their actions were illegal and un-Islamic.

He also called on Afghans to unite and address important matters in the war-ravaged Afghanistan.

“It was our mistake that we didn’t kill Mullah Omar – the Taliban’s former leader – in the early days. We feel guilty about that,” Sayyaf said.

He called on the Taliban to free themselves of the movement.

“I want them [the Taliban] to free themselves of others’ slavery. If they have any objections they should come and share them with us. They should not take commands from others,” he added.

Hinting at recent remarks by Mullah Mansour Dadullah, a senior Taliban leader, he said: “Mansour Dadullah said that their commanders are appointed by Pakistan. He said that he was told to go and kill Afghanistan’s leaders. Do the Taliban want more clarity?”

On Mullah Omar’s death, he said: “Was Mullah Omar commanding from under the ground? No. No one can command from under the ground. It seems that their command was in others’ hands, both in their living and after their death.”

Meanwhile, he said that peace and stability in Afghanistan means peace and stability in other countries, particularly in neighboring countries including Pakistan. He called on the world, particularly Afghanistan’s neighbors, to come together and help Afghanistan in this regard.

“We once again call on our neighbors especially Pakistan not to destroy this country. This country [Afghanistan] has a history. Many countries are younger than me – how do they think they will eliminate and break Afghanistan? They can’t,” he continued.

Commenting on recent speculation that they (Jihadi leaders including Sayyaf) are looking to bring down the current government, Sayyaf said: “There is some propaganda that we are looking to break the system down. This is wrong.”

In terms of the current administration, Sayyaf said he had a number of recommendation: “First, the date for parliamentary elections should be announced as soon as possible, and second, if there were any hurdles, the government should hold a Loya Jirga [grand assembly] to make decisions.”

He also suggested that the government should create a decision-making body in order to resolve the important issues currently facing the nation.