The government of India is expected to provide four Mi-25 attack helicopters to Afghanistan as the Afghan National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar is likely to visit the country on Saturday.  The official announcement of transfer of helicopters will possibly take place in few days, according to Indian Express.  “We are going to give them the helicopters, this is a one-off arrangement,” the Express quoted an Indian official as saying.  Besides approaching India, Kabul had reportedly asked Russia for the same military assistance. Earlier, the United States had also purchased smaller helicopters from Russia for the Afghan Air Force but that was reportedly stopped after Moscow intervened in the Ukraine.  This comes while, former President Hamid Karzai had also sought military hardware from India.  However the deal did not take place during the UPA government.  The Afghan wish-list in 2013 included tanks, artillery and helicopters.

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Former President Hamid Karzai on Saturday opened ‘Karzai Foundation’ which he said was aimed at providing the young Afghans with higher education opportunities.

Karzai said at the opening ceremony that the foundation was not established for political purposes.

He said through the foundation, he will help the destitute young Afghans to carry on their higher studies.

“This is completely a non-political foundation,” said the ex-president. “It is only for youth’s education.”

He linked the current problems of Afghanistan to a lack of opportunities for youth’s higher studies.

In addition, he called on the citizens and the traders to contribute to the foundation.

Rangin Dadfar Spanta, Karzai’s then national security advisor, was also present at the event, saying the higher education sector saw significant improvements over the past decade.

He admitted however that still a large number of Afghan youth were left without carrying on with their higher studies.

“We established this foundation in order to help the youth and the talents who have been distanced from higher education,” Spanta said. “We want to provide them with opportunities of higher education.”

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