About Us

The Silk Road Station is a part of broadcasting department of Afghanistan Economic & Legal Studies Organization’s (AELSO); and it is Afghanistan’s first online educational and academic radio and video station. Silk Road Station is established by a group of university professors, youth activists, civil society and human rights activists, national and international scholars on September 1st 2015 by the support of international institutions who are working for peace, prosperity and freedom across the world.
Since the establishment of this unique initiative, Afghan youth and individual inside the country and people around the world particularly promoters of libertarian ideas found the opportunity to engage with each other through direct online communication via internet to exchange their views on libertarian values, such as market economy, rule of law, good governance, freedom of expression, Islam and free society values and etc.

The programs of the station are in two national languages of Afghanistan (Dari & Pashto), as well as English all over the world. All the programs are educational and academics in accordance with Islamic law and Afghan traditions.

We are committed and determined to promote the ideas of liberty, free-market, human rights, and rule of law and bring peace and prosperity, the culture of co-existence and tolerance in Afghanistan and in the region; by producing and broadcasting of educational radio and video programs.

For any questions, feedbacks and suggestions you can email us by the following email address: info@silkroadstaion.com

Our slogan: Rights, Respect and Responsibility!